Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers

Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers was a project run in the years 2013–2015, aimed at film promotion of the Łódź region brand. It involved a number of promotional activities and courses in cooperation with film crews for representatives of local government authorities of the Łódź Province. The project, prepared by the Department of Culture of the Łódź City Hall in order to promote the Łódź Filmowa brand, was co-financed from the funds of the Regional Operational Programme of the Łódź Province (competition RPLD.03.02.00-20/13, Priority Axis 3: Economy, innovativeness, entrepreneurship, Measure 3.2: Increasing the innovativeness and competitiveness of enterprises).


Fotos z filmu Ida - Zgierz


The objective of the project was to increase the number of productions made in the Łódź Province and to stimulate the development of the film industry by extending the region’s offer with new locations and with the standardisation and professionalisation of services provided to film crews across the region, as well as to widely promote the region in the country and abroad.

The project enabled the Łódź Film Commission to expand its activities and to develop closer cooperation with municipalities across the whole of the Łódź Province. A network of contacts was established in the region, the list of shooting locations was extended to include new objects from various districts and municipalities, and thanks to a series of training courses for representatives of municipalities cooperating with Łódź, film crews will be offered services in accordance with uniform standards. The project also involved the preparation of promotional materials for producers and promotional activities during film festivals, the preparation of the so-called “location tour” for representatives of the industry, and a cycle of free film screenings in selected cinemas of the Łódź Province, co-financed from the funds of the Łódź Film Fund.

The project ended in 2015, but the Łódź Film Commission has continued to run a Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers programme.

The Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers project involved the preparation and organisation of:

  • Filmmakers Guide

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  • A series of film screenings

One of the activities planned under the Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers project was the organisation of free screenings of films that had received financial support from the Łódź Film Fund and organisational assistance from the Łódź Film Commission.
During the screenings, the audience had the opportunity to watch two animated films and one feature film and to become acquainted with the idea behind the Łódzkie Pro Filmmakers project. The films selected for the screenings included Ida by Paweł Pawlikowski, which received multiple awards around the world, Mój Rower by Piotr Trzaskalski, and the animations: Miasto Płynie by Balbina Bruszewska and Moonshine by Michał Poniedzielski. The screenings took place in September and October 2015 in cinemas within the Łódź Province.

  • List of cinemas participating in the project

           - Feniks Cinema - Łowicz Cultural Cener,

           - Odeon Cinema - MOK Koluszki

           - Kultura Cinema - MCK Bełchatów

           - Kutno Cultureal House

           - MDK Radomsko

           - TOMI Cinema - Pabianice

           - Szpulka Cinema - Łódź Cultural House

           - Charlie Cinema - Łódź

           - Polonia Cinema - Łódź

           - Helios Cinema - Piotrków Trybunalski


  •     Training courses for representatives of local governments

During the courses, representatives of local governments learnt how to encourage film crews to shoot films in the region. They learnt how to cooperate with film makers and provide organisational assistance during the production process. They were also acquainted with the advantages that the production of films brings to towns, cities, and districts and with the ways in which they can find and present areas of the Łódź Province that can be attractive to film producers. Most importantly, they learnt how to persuade film makers to spend their money in municipalities of the Łódź Province and to promote our region with the effects of their work, i.e. ready productions.


  • Łódzkie Pro Fimmakers promotional spot




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