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photo: P.Szczepański
Łódź, 282 Piotrkowska St
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Łódź, 58 Drewnowska St

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photo: P.Szczepański
Region of Łódź, Land of Łowicz
The Łódź Film Heritage Trail

The Łódź film heritage trail is a project of a young group of people related to "Regio" Center of Initiatives for the Development. This initiative has been designed to preserve sites associated with "HollyŁódź'. The trail traces the sites that are  today historic and do not serve their original purpose any more. Some of these facilities, like old movie theatres evoking memories when seen in some old photographs and prints, are not in existence any more. However, many sites on the "Trail" still play an important role in the cultural life of Łódź citizens. They are all a part of the "film Łódź" identity. A detailed list of 66(!) movie theatres once operating or still existing, plus a list of films shot in Łódź (along with descriptions and photographs) can be found at www.filmowalodz.pl.The choice of 20 out of 150 films reflects both the time span (from "Zakazane piosenki" to "Aleja gówniarzy") and film genres (comedies, dramas, costume films and contemporary films). The website also shows a variety of film locations in Łódź. The website authors focused largely on the history of cinematography in Poland and its development in Łódź.

In addition to reminding us about some old 10th Muse facilities the project involves tours of the film art-related sites. Thus there are not only old movie theatres on the trail but also such sites as "Aleja Gwiazd" ("Walk of Fame") in Piotrkowska Street, or famous outdoor locations, which "played" in films. The tours are made on Saturdays with a major attraction of a show of feature films being most characteristic for the Łódź environment, both in terms of their themes and locations.

No charge is collected for the tour and anyone can be taken on it.

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