The past and the present of the Łódź Film Fund. Summary of the past decade, supported projects, list of co-financed productions.

The results of the Lodz Film Fund has ...

We are really happy that we have managed to win this prestigious title for the Łódź institution.

It is a selected set of nine films recognised as the best productions from the 9th International Animated Film Festival "Animator" in Poznań.

Łódź Film Commission, since 2009...

This day had to come, but we were always convinced that it would be in a few years' time, not now.

Revitalisation of EC1 and converting the complex for the needs of cultural and artistic purposes

The last film by Andrzej Wajda was partially filmed on the streets of Łódź.

Over 70 historical models, interactive installations, films and current examples of bio-inspired robotics from November 2017.